How to Stop Eczema Outbreaks: Reduce Itchiness by Managing Hygiene and Stress

Published: 23rd July 2007
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Do you have eczema and want to know how to eliminate it? Then, this article is a must read for you. Although eczema cannot be cured or eliminated, it can be drastically reduced if properly controlled. To control your eczema flare-ups from home, without steroids or antibiotics, simply use all natural eczema reduction oils and creams, avoid environmental triggers, and eat a vitamin rich diet.

Effective Eczema Reduction Solution #1: Get an Allergy Test. The easiest way to determine what triggers your eczema is to get an allergy test. There are several types of eczema allergy tests, including blood tests, skin prick tests, and patch tests. If you suffer with eczema, there is no excuse for not at least not getting one, especially if your insurance will cover the expense. Allergy test are extremely helpful because they help you what, if any, foods, clothes, environmental factors, or personal care products trigger your eczema. If you cannot afford allergy testing, try keeping a home journal on everything you eat, wear, and come in contact with. Do this for at least one week; and then analyze the results for possible triggers.

Effective Eczema Reduction Solution #2: Monitor What you Eat. For most people with mild eczema, you need to be wary of citrus fruits, egg whites, tomatoes, & wheat. While this information is not 100% conclusive, keep a diary to see if there is a connection between the foods you eat and your eczema flare-ups.

Effective Eczema Reduction Solution #3: Change Your Clothing and Linens. If you have eczema, avoid clothes, linens, and fabrics that have multiple chemical dyes. Also, avoid highly fragrant detergents and synthetic fabric softeners; they can irritate your skin, causing flare-ups daily. Leave your silk dresses and fur coats in the closet and opt for all-cotton clothing. Always wash new clothes before wearing them to remove excess dyes; and wash your bed linens every other day, if possible.

Effective Eczema Reduction Solution #4: Create a Clean Atmosphere at Work and at Home: Regardless of whether you are at home or at work, keep your immediate environment free from dust and loud fragrances. If you work in a closed environment, bring a small fan to work. This will really help your eczema, especially if you have a co-worker who religiously wears Estee Lauder perfumes or colognes. Also, dust frequently. This includes everything from keyboards to window seals. Tons of critters thrive in dust and dirt, so to reduce your eczema flare-ups; you must keep an atmosphere clean and free of these irritants. With strong scents, even be cautious of scented candles and air fresheners. They can also trigger flare-ups unknowingly.

Effective Eczema Reduction Solution #5: Maintain Healthy Hygiene: Keeping clean is very important and tricky when it comes to eczema. You want to keep clean, but you need to also avoid synthetically fragranced and manufactured soaps. Instead, wash with natural soaps. Beauty 4 Ashes makes incredible eczema skin care products, including an Aloe Vera and Lavender body wash. Beauty 4 Ashes eczema products are 100% natural and extremely effective in minimizing eczema flare-ups and the dreaded "eczema itch". Find them at wwwdiscoverb4acom . Another good trick to controlling your eczema is keeping your fingernails and toenails short. Both your fingernails and toenails can carrier all types of filth and bacteria that only worsen your eczema flare-ups. By scratching with dirty fingernails, you can irritate eczema even more.

Effective Eczema Reduction Solution #6: Reduce Your Stress. Unhealthy stress from work, marriage, or parenting can and will lead to eczema flare-ups. To combat this, you can have more family game nights to create family unity, volunteer, or read a good book. The power of helping others especially works and helps you to put things in perspective. If you do not like volunteering or just don't have the time, try Yoga, Pilates, or prayer. When you reduce your stress and anxiety levels, your eczema flare-ups will definitely decrease.

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